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It is the year... something in the future. As a consequence for making the same game for decades, the japanese games industry is nearing a total collapse. As a last ditch effort, major development companies merge to form Kawai Dotcom, in order to create the ultimate JRPG, the savior, the game, the solution that will carry them out of this mess.

Kawai Dotcom promised that "The JRPG" will go back to the roots of JRPGs, but still innovate to go with the times, while allowing a cutting edge artificial reality experience through the "Dotcom Diver". (Sold seperately)

One day, our hero heard about this endeavour, and applied for a closed beta key as he had too much time on his hands. Dumb luck or destiny led him to receive such a key along with a prototype of the "Dotcom Diver"; He did not waste much time and dove right into the game. But what he found exceeded all expectations: It was an utter mess, a horrible excuse for a video game. Instead of recycling the ultimate JRPG classic, the game recycled every JRPG classic expecting something good to come out of it. Not able to take it any longer, he quit. He tried, that is. Long story short: He got stuck. In "the JRPG" Beta.

Key features:

  • You play a game where you control a dude who periodically controls himself in a game he is playing.
  • The main protagonist is a cynical ass.
  • Tons of references to popular media, including Park Souls, Schoggimon and Fantasy First.
  • Cynical hero!
  • Light hearted dialogue full of wit and sarcasm.
  • The hero is cynical.
  • Epic story featuring hats, death, a princess and stone fragments.


This is a shoddy game, no excuses. I made this in an attempt to familiarize myself with the RPG Maker engine, so thanks for everyone who took the time to play it.

Development Info:

Developer: Kai Wüest/iMaple

Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace, (c) Enterbrain

Development time: 10 days

Special thanks to Galv for his text speed snippet and
DiamondandPlatinum3 for his splash map script.


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Dude vs JRPG Beta.exe 192 MB